​Peace of Mind

Finance First came up with a simple solution. Engage the client with honest straight facts. Provide timely results that achieves legal compliance. Offer these services with a full money back guarantee. This guarantee differentiates our services with every company claiming to solve big issues with no results. How can we make such a claim?

  • We have strong working relationships with all the tax offices and the local relevant departments;

  • We insulate the client and engage Government offices directly;

  • We know the tax laws and have certified/qualified personnel.



Let’s face it. Setting up a business in Afghanistan is a daunting task. Compliance is even more confusing and no matter what you think you know, it may not be enough. Worse still, is getting bad or wrong advice by self proclaimed experts. When it comes to taxes and BSA compliance, it’s difficult to know what path to take. Even with the best of intentions, you can find yourself in hot water.


The Bilateral Security Agreement  (BSA) was implemented January 2015. It outlines specific compliance for companies working for DOD, NATO, and Foreign Embassies. Under the BSA you must:

  • Register your company and  acquire a business  license;

  • Register with one of the three tax offices (Small , Medium, or large depending on annual income);

  • Acquire valid visas for all your employees;

  • Ensure compliance with all tax audit laws.